Composer|Sound Design|FX|Editor|Director.

Composer, Producer, Director. Television episodic; short films; documentaries. Music recording. Theater. Ghost composer. MX mixer. Sound editing, restoration.

Selected Properties:

The Brinton Museum 2020 Video Series

Artist Naturalist – The Hans Kleiber Story

Music That Cooks

Falcon Crest

Total Recall

Power Rangers

Journey to the Heart of the World

Tic Tac Thomas and Hippo

Get With It Singles (cable)


The Unforseen (indie)

VR Troopers

Young Riders

Parker Lewis Can’t Lose




Pixote (restoration)

Rita Hayworth Catalogue (restorations, 1940 forward)

I Dream of Jeanie (seasons 4 & 5)

I am forever grateful to so many. Dr. Matt Doran, you started my wonderful journey, set my direction as a composer. Michel Colombier, you gave me the confidence to push through. John Weisenfluh, you were a powerful positive influence on so many of us.

Dawn Velazquez, Alex Casanegras, Lawrence Duhart, Jon Lucien, Bryan Bell, , Benjamin Wright, Leroy Southers, Luchi DeJesus, Don Ray, John Orlando, Kathryn Ando, and all others who mentored me in music performance, production, mixing, editing and engineering.