Current Projects

Filmmaking, Composing

Edmond is currently exercising his creative prowess in communications and marketing with a cohort of very wise individuals, spanning 5 states, as they work on a social justice/equal rights/racial injustice project. Concurrently, he’s in the beginning phases of a documentary about a quiet yet world-renowned Wyoming artist who became globally known and made a difference for the United States environmental movement and many Wyoming and Montana citizens as a U.S. Forest Ranger. More on those projects later.

Edmond recently completed 22 bio pics for a project by Beverly Kleiber for The Brinton Museum in Sheridan Wyoming. The films tell the stories of world-renowned local artists. The movies are debuted on succsessive Tuesdays on the museum’s website.

“Making music, making film, and writing have always been my three passions,” describes Allmond. Making music for film is one of his life-long loves. Originally contracted on the Brinton Museum project to compose music, it became quickly apparent that his professional skill set was quite broad and deep. After a consultation with the producer, he was quickly recognized for his directorial, editorial and technical skills and made the editor, making numerous directorial decisions to complete the work for producer Kleiber.

What I do

Geez! I’m up late again. I want to do a 9-mile hike in the morning, so I’ll finish this later…

The Journey

I was born just a few miles up the road from MGM, which became Sony Pictures. I always wanted to ride my bike on that big exciting-looking lot. I got my wish as a staff composer for Sony’s Westside Studio Services, working for Columbia Pictures, Columbia Television, Sony Pictures, Tristar Pictures. We also did work for Paramount from time to time.

Communications and Marketing came later. I had such a keen interest in McCann Erickson ad agency. I began studying the psychology of ads before I was a teen, spending time in libraries that my mom would drive me to. My mother was a librarian at the Los Angeles Central Library when I was a toddler. libraries became some of my favorite places. On a trip years ago to Manhattan, the first thing I did on my second day was visit the Grand Central Library. There, I went to the children’s section to find one of my favorite childhood books, Onion John, by Joseph Krumgold. I wanted to write a theme for this book, and needed to read it quickly again. They graciously allowed me to take it for the afternoon so that I could read it. The librarian seemed enamored of my interest in reading that children’s book right then and there. I showed her that I had a current Los Angeles library card, and she trusted that. I read that book and completes a sketch of the song for Onion John that afternoon upon returning to my hotel.

Bear with me

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