Edmond Allmond has more than 3 decades in successful parallel careers. He is a classical and jazz performer and a marketing and communications entrepreneur who is additionally a filmmaker and composer.
Yes, he’s always in motion.
He has also been a critical team member of the production or logistics teams for some of the biggest events in the United States — Superbowl, the Fiesta Bowl, 76th PGA Championship, the Rose Bowl. Early in his professional career, he was known as one of the foremost young clarinet soloists in America. As a pianist and vocalist, he has performed around the world and graced stages of some of the finest performing arts centers in the country. He traveled the world as a pianist and vocalist before returning to a position as a staff composer, sound designer and editor at Sony Pictures.
While more recently Vice President of Marketing for Sprint subsidiary Ringplus, Head of Communications for Hyperloop Transportation Technologies and Communications Manager for the Berkeley Food Institute, he still found time to do short tours as a pianist with John Mills II and The Mills Brothers, and make appearances on Revenge as a solo pianist for Mrs Grayson (played by Madeleine Stowe) over four seasons. He also appeared on The Ghost Whisperer with Solange Knowles and on NCIS, playing behind agent Ziva (played by Cote DePablo). He has appeared in more episodic television than any other pianist over the past 12 years.
But wait. There’s more.
Enjoying his production and marketing and communications specializations, Edmond diligently crafted production operations, internal communications, logistics planning, and public-facing communications and marketing plans for the City of Los Angeles, the County of Los Angeles, and convention authorities around the United States. He was responsible for governmental and local relations for several large events including Concerts on the Waterfront and, NFL Properties, among others. His communications prowess has benefitted the Simon Wiesenthal Center, The Museum of Tolerance, Rhino Records, Motown Records. He has worked for and with The LA Opera, the Center Theater Group at the Mark Taper Forum, and many other performing arts and corporate entities.
Lauded for his PR and marketing work, he also has great successes at social media strategy and execution, as evidenced by his documented marketing firsts for the Sprint Corporation.
Additionally, Hartman Studios, Oracle, Imation, Inbursa are just a few of the corporate giants who have benefitted from Edmond’s excellence and team management, contracting his company, EAC Enterprises, to produce wonder for their employees and clients.
Edmond is the first person in the Western Hemisphere to broadcast content on ringback tones while with Ringplus. He coined the phrase “15 seconds is your new paradigm”.
He loves creating great art and has graced television screens as a pianist in the productions mentioned above as well as Grandfathered, Desperate Housewives, Agent Carter, The Chase, Major Crimes, and more.
The things that excite him, besides sailing, golf, F-1, motoGP and trail hiking, horses and sport kite flying are problem-solving + strategy, graphic design + copywriting, project management, web design, and just making people feel really special.
His huge transformative purpose? Lead others toward happiness, all toward world peace.
And he cooks with wild abandon and always serves quality food…





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