Edmond Allmond is Vice President of Validation for UREEQA, Inc, and founder of Allmondwerkz, LLC. Edmond brings the experience and wisdom of 40 years in the music industry, joined with 30 years of success in the business of music, focused on the protection of intellectual property and marketing. He blends the business of music with the new technologies of Layer 1 and Layer 2 blockchains, of which he is a studied 10-year veteran actively working on Web3 integrations. An accomplished pianist, clarinetist, conductor, post-audio editor, composer and producer, Edmond maintained a consultantancy for several legal firms and individual musicians toward the successful recovery of royalties and protection of copyrights. He is a past VP of marketing and communications for three startups, including past head of communications for Hyperloop Transportation Technologies, Inc. Before founding Allmondwerkz, LLC and joining UREEQA, Allmond was communications director at the UC Berkeley Food Institute, a policy and scientific research-supporting UC organization based in the Rauser College of Natural Resources and bridging several of Berkeley’s colleges. 
His involvement in crypto technology and NFTs began with his introduction to Satoshi Nakamoto’s Bitcoin whitepaper in 2010, and intensified around crypto’s use in commerce upon meeting and speaking to Brock Pierce when Ethereum was launched. He was one of the first to suggest the use of a crypto currency for transactions in telecom, brokering the first meeting between Karl Seelig and Brock Pierce for Sprint MVNO RingPlus, where Edmond was VP of Marketing. He is now passionately engaged in the use of NFTs toward meaningful change in music as a business, and the dessimation of musical and visual creations.
Edmond, as an audio post-production professional, was part of a past Oscar-winning team at Sony Pictures (Total Recall), and one of the last two staff composers at the studios. 
Edmond’s time in the music business saw success at Motown and Rhino records, among others. He also played an integral business role in production at RKO pictures with Ted Hartley, and as a sound and music editor at Saban International.
In front of the camera, Edmond has worked as an on-screen pianist in a number of television properties over the past 15 years, including NCIS, Desperate Housewives, Devious Maids, all seasons of Revenge, and Grandfathered, among many others.
Allmond is a member of AFM and a past IATSE editor and engineer, and a member of ASMAC. He uses his creative wisdom and business acumen as a Vice President of UREEQA, Inc., focused on protecting the rights, the work, and the revenue of creators around the world.










Edmond Allmond